New Pedals: Polarbear Effects Drowner Fuzz/Bitcrusher/Reverb

Best New Pedals of 2021 | May Edition

Now Shipping: Fulltone CS-PlimSoul mkII Overdrive/Distortion

New Pedals: JPTR FX Warlow

Electronic Audio Experiments & Mask Audio Electronics Eldritch Blast Octave Fuzz

New Pedal: TC Electronic MojoMojo Paul Gilbert Edition

Old Blood Noise Endeavors Expression Ramper

Dolamo D4 Distortion

2021 UPDATE: The Best Klon Centaur Clones: Replicas and Evolutions

New Pedals: TC Electronic ZEUS Drive

New Pedal: ThorpyFX Pulse Doppler Phaser/Tremolo

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