Outlaw Effects NAMM 2018 1

Micro-sized pedals were once touted for their small size and affordability. They didn’t have the features or, often, the sound of their bigger brethren, but what they lacked in versatility and tone they made up for with their conveniently-sized cases and low prices.

In recent years, though, micro pedals have improved in features and sound to become a solid option to some of the bigger-sized stompboxes, while allowing guitarists to use their pedalboard space efficiently.

Outlaw Effects a company split between China and Montreal, Canada, has been a player in this market niche for several years now, creating pedals made with high-quality components that serve up boutique-quality tones, all at prices everyone can afford.

The company’s pedals feature true-bypass switching and durable micro-sized aluminum-alloy chassis casings that can stand up to the rigors of the road. Staggered input and output jacks make it possible to place the pedals closer together on your pedalboard, reducing the amount of real estate required.

Outlaw debuted three new effects at Winter NAMM 2018: the Eldorado Echo, Wrangler Compressor and Cactus Juice 2-Mode Overdrive. The Delicious Audio blog was on hand to try out each of the pedals, and you can view our demos below.

The Eldorado is a digital delay pedal with Repeat and Time controls and three modes: Normal, Dark and Reverse. It features a delay time range of 100ms to 1.2 seconds and a Save mode that allows you to lock in settings and return to them at any time. It has a street price of $69 U.S.

You can see all three pedals in action in below. For more information, visit Outlaw Effects.

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