Epigaze Audio Ascension Reverb

“Driven by the love for simplicity, rock and roll, and all things cosmic,” Milwaukee’s Epigaze Audio has been focusing on gain and utility pedals since 2013.

At NAMM 2018 they introduced their first reverb, called Ascension and scheduled for a spring 2018 release. This is a unique stompbox with three different modes (Hall, Shimmer and Trem+Reverb) featuring also an intriguing drone generator, whose key and volume can be controlled respectively through the center footswitch and the side knob. This plays organ sounding notes in any of the 12 (western) keys, creating a tasteful, ambient sonic carpet under the player’s notes.

At NAMM, we had company owner and circuit designer Arthur Ingraham come by our Stompbox Booth to shoot this video of the pedal.

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