Old Blood Noise Dweller

All of a sudden there seems to be a lot of interest, among stompbox manufacturers, in taking the phaser effect to new places.

Old Blood Noise Endeavors just introduced the Dweller, presented as a six mode “phase repeater,” which, we gather, means that there’s a sample stretching circuit inside the phaser, which creates some unexpected variations on that classic effect.

The results are intriguing both on synths and guitar, as you can hear in these videos of the Old Blood Noise Dweller.

What if a phaser could remember itself? Dweller remembers. It remembers far too much. From familiar phase and vibe sounds to resonant random step filtering, warm delays, and previously unheard in-betweens, the Dweller is capable of countless sonic textures with five controls and six modes.

The Old Blood Noise Dweller features:

  • Toggle switches to select between two phaser voices (four stage and eight stage) and three wave shapes (sine, triangle, and random step)
  • Three controls to shape the sound of the phaser: Rate to set rate, Depth to set depth, and Regen to increase intensity.
  • An innovative Stretch control that changes delay time inside each phaser stage
  • Mix control from 100% dry (unaffected signal) to 100% wet (affected signal)
  • Expression jack for external control of the Stretch parameter
  • Internal trimpot to control output level
  • Relay bypass switching and standard 9VDC center negative power

Dweller Phase Repeater is available for pre-sale now for $199 with a ship date of August 6th directly from Old Blood at oldbloodnoise.com or from your local dealer.