OKKO FX Twinsonic V2

The OKKO FX Twinsonic V2 is a dual overdrive running internally at 18v and featuring two differently voiced and stackable channels, each with 4 knobs and a toggle that affects the bass response.

The blue channel (left) is the circuit of the company’s TwinSonic circuit, a dynamic, open-sounding and amp-like overdrive that cleans well with the guitar’s volume.

The red channel (right) is a transparent low to mid-gain drive that was designed to perfectly integrate the blue one thanks to its smooth gain structure, adding anything from extra gain to extra dirt to the previous gain stage’s foundation.

Each channel has identical knobs, with Voice acting as a ton control and the useful Hi-Cut knob focusing on taming the high-end for warmer tones. The two Mode toggles deliver two different bass EQs.

OKKO FX Twinsonic Overdrive, Builder’s Notes

Dual Stacking Overdrive Preamp

The TwinSonic MkII brings back our classic TwinSonic and takes it to another level. What we got here is two OD circuits which can be used independently or stacked together.

Combining both opens up plenty possibilities, you can go all the way from edge of breakup into heavy vintage distortion or fuzz territory.

The blue channel is the original TwinSonic circuit, a discrete OD with a bold, open, grainy sound like a cranked vintage amp. It’s incredibly dynamic and cleans up perfectly with the guitar volume control.
The newly designed red channel is a transparent Overdrive with a slightly smoother gain structure, designed to perfectly stack with the blue side or to add some dirt and harmonics to your base sound on its own. The gain range goes from sparkly clean to dynamic singing mid gain overdrive.

Both channels have the same set of controls.
Gain and Level need no explanation, VOICE changes the overall EQ character of each channel from a wide and full sound on the left to a tighter, punchier sound with pronounced mids on the right. HI-CUT adjusts treble/presence. The MODE toggle changes the amount of bass frequencies for each side. These effective but intuitive controls allow to dial in the perfect sound for pretty much every guitar/amp combination.

The TwinSonic MkII runs on 18 volts (internal charge pump circuit, no need for a special power supply) for higher headroom and increased dynamics. It can be used in front of an amp or as a preamp into a power amp or amp sim.