Okko FX T3 Tremolo

German pedal builder OKKO FX, at first sight, seems to have a very… German approach to their stompboxes: they look high quality, sturdy and powerful. The T3 is their flagship analog tremolo – one using a triple photocell system!

The OKKO FX T3 also has a lot of controls, which rhymes with flexibility – let’s go through them:

  • Harmonic/Regular Tremolo Mode
  • Tap Tempo with 3 Subdivisions
  • 3 Waveforms (Triangle, Sine and Square)
  • Adjustable waveform symmetry (ramp ups/downs possible)
  • the T3 Mix knob, which adds an extra optical tremolo for complex waveforms (it can be switched on and off via an optional external footswitch

The pedal works with an 18v internal voltage for extra headroom, and a 5V clock input and output available on request for integration in synth setups.

If you are wondering how it sounds, the video below will answer your question.

The T3 is our most complex build so far. This great-sounding, versatile Tremolo pedal can do everything from vintage amp style modulation to weird polyrhythmic chops and offers some features you won’t find in any other Tremolo pedal:

– main tremolo featuring two optocouplers for harmonic or regular tremolo effect
– waveforms (sine, triangle, square) with adjustable symmetry (ramp ups/downs possible)
– tempo controlled by the speed pot or tap tempo footswitch can be multiplied by 1,2 or 3
– another optical tremolo (T3) in series with the main one for a way more complex modulation
– T3 can be switched via an optional external footswitch
– fully analog and parallel signal path featuring rail-to-rail opamps run on 18V for increased headroom (pedal runs on regular 9V though)
– 5V clock input and output available on request for integration in synth setups
– each pedal is setup individually for optimum performance