The Way Huge Conspiracy Theory is  a brand new “Klone” (i.e. a circuit inspired by the uber-hyped Klon Centaur Overdrive – see our comprehensive article about the Klon and its clones).

The pedal doesn’t stray away from the three-knob design of the original (Output, Gain and Treble), so the fortunes of this pedal will be made or broken by how close it sounds to the mythical original. If it sounds even close, at this price point ($129) it may very well become a hit!

Here are two demos by Sweetwater.

This is the overdrive pedal that THEY don’t want you to know about! Developed in total secrecy by a shadowy organization embedded deep within the deepest of states, the Way Huge Conspiracy Theory Professional Overdrive is reported to bring forth unparalleled sonic delight. They say that it relies on alien technology bestowed upon our ancient forebears, producing a sound so dazzling that it generates a heatless auditory light that will liberate the consciousness of any guitarist who kicks it on.

Adjusting the Gain control initiates a form of fusion heretofore unknown to science, bonding rich harmonics with your guitar signal to create smooth, transparent overdrive. Use the Volume and Treble controls to set just how far your signal penetrates the furthest reaches of the universe and what it’s shape is when it gets there. Thanks to a rather harrowing clandestine operation, we can grant you the ability to harness the mythical power of the Conspiracy Theory Professional Overdrive right on your pedalboard.

The tone is out there…

  • Based on a mysterious mythical overdrive circuit
  • Maintains voice of your instrument
  • Blends clean signal with for smooth, transparent tones
  • Increased headroom for dynamic, wide open sound
  • Simple three-knob interface