The latest addition to TC Electronic‘s Toneprint line of pedals is the Hyper Gravity Compressor, a very versatile compression circuit in a compact stompbox footprint. Perhaps one of the coolest features of this unit is the ‘multi-band’ function, a type of compression generally applied via outboard studio gear or plug-ins during the recording process.

There are very few guitar pedal compressors that feature this idea, which allows you to choose compression characteristics based on frequency band. The Hyper Gravity also excels at the type of squeeze that guitarists have come to love from classic compressors like the MXR Dyna Comp and the legendary Ross.

Controls include ‘Sustain’ which determines the amount of compression applied to the signal, ‘Attack’ to set the speed in which the compression takes effect, a coveted ‘Blend’ knob to balance the amount of wet signal to dry, and a standard ‘Level’ for controlling output.

Compressor pedals seem to be pretty polarizing with guitar aficionados, but with these unique features and TC Electronic’s reputation for quality this could be a home run. – Brandon Stoner