With obvious nods to psych rock and krautrock evident in their latest EP, ‘Gathering Rust,’ to call Honduras simply a punk or post-punk band would be reductive. The quartet manages to combine the reckless spirit of punk, youthful abandon of garage rock, and the polished melodic tendencies of indie to forge a sound that encapsulates the past and present of NYC. The band placed third in our recent “Best of NYC 2015 Poll for Emerging Artists”, and is about to embark on a three week East Coast tour. We are sure lead guitarist Tyson Moore is looking forward to haul around his huge pedal board (photo below).

Tyson's Pedals

Considering his obvious passion for the stompbox, we asked him a quick question about it.

What’s your favorite pedal on your board right now and why?

One of my favorite pedals is the Earthquaker Devices Organizer. It creates cool, almost detuned harmonics that work well during slower, sustained single-note sections. You can adjust the lag time to create an kinda of slap echo effect, plus this allows it to track the notes better during faster parts. Adding an overdrive after it makes for a huge guitar solo sound.