In what seems to be becoming a popular trend for pedal manufacturers recently, Seymour Duncan has teamed up for an exclusive release with Chicago Music Exchange for a limited run pedal in their new Forza Overdrive. Unlike a lot of newer drives, this pedal aims to add a more refined crunch to the mix. The Forza doesn’t set out to do anything particularly manic, but rather it focuses on preserving the tonal integrity of both the guitar and the amp, while providing a smooth yet dynamic overdriven quality.

The control functionality is totally straightforward with large knobs for volume control and gain while smaller dials adjust the three band equalizer that includes bass, mid, and treble. The pedal also incorporates full bypass switching and functions well as a boost with the gain turned down.

I see this pedal as being a great addition for players who like playing crunchy blues licks or perhaps for guitarists looking for a quality “always on” overdrive pedal that can be stacked with something meatier after it for harder material and soloing.

The pedal will be available exclusively from Chicago Music Exchange from May through August. Have a look at CME’s Alex Chadwick demoing the Forza with some tasty licks from Fleetwood Mac, Rage Against the Machine, and his own catalog. – Ryan Dembinsky