conductor-1[1]Eastern Washington based manufacturer Matthews Effects has created a new spin on one of the most popular effect in music history: the tremolo.

The controls for the Conductor are where the pedal really shines with its unique versatility. The depth knob, capable of quite a wide range, is the only “standard” tremolo control. Speed/rate controls are done via the tap-tempo switch and the Div (for “division”) knob, which combined allow you to fine tune your tempo to a t.

Waveform options include sine, square, ramp, and ramp-down waves. To compensate for inherent perceived volume loss of the tremolo effect there is a smooth built-in clean boost that really adds punch to your sound. Lastly, the tone control allows for tailoring the EQ of the effect to your particular rig, ensuring that your sound isn’t lost in a busy band mix.

The conductor retails for $250, and is one of the most flexible and unique tremolo pedals around. – Brandon Stoner