Jun15_LNU_WahFixModel_FEAT[1]Big Knob Pedals, out of Studio City, CA (interesting name!), recently introduced the Wah Fix filter pedal, a stompbox that allows guitarists to lock into the sweet spot of the frequency sweep of a wah pedal – a trick Frank Zappa, among others, used quite frequently.

Controls are simple enough – featuring potentiometers to control volume, Q, and wah. Volume controls overall output volume, Q determines the width of the frequency sweep, and the wah control allows for dialing in the amount of ‘wah effect’ in the signal (a sort of blend control).

Additional features include hand-wiring, a compact and sturdy all-metal enclosure, true bypass switching, and on/off LED indicator. The Wah Fix can be powered via 9v battery or power supply.

If you’re looking for an alternative to the traditional treadle-based wah effect, or want to integrate a unique EQ/filter effect into your rig the Wah Fix is definitely worth a look. – Brandon Stoner