As we all know, pedal lovers can be divided in two categories: those who like uncluttered effects with a few knobs, and those who seek stompboxes that open many creative possibilities, no matter the number of controls. With its eight algorithms controlled through just five knobs, the new Keeley Mulyi Echo ME-8 is one of those rare pedals that might be able to make every stompbox lover happy – also because it sells just under $200!

The name is kind of misleading, because the Multi Echol doesn’t just deal with echo, but with all effects involving a delayed signal, including True Chorus, Auto Doubler, and Reverb. Only one effect can be played at a time, selected with the bottom right knob, appropriately called “Effect Selector.”

The eight modes are organized in three categories: the Automatic Double Tracking (ADT) one features two modes: The Vintage ADT (V) has variable Rate and Depth like an old reel-to-reel tape deck, while the Modern ADT (M) features a tone control that allows the player to fine tune the sound of the voices in your chorus.

The Delay section features a Tape Delay (T) with a wide-ranging tone control that allows you to filter the sound of the echoes; The Analog Delay (V) has a Dynamic Modulation for added character; The Modern Delay (S) features eight different subdivisions.

The most interesting of these categories, though, is arguably the one concerning Reverb, since it features what the manufacturer calls “hints at our upcoming Gold Star reverb.” The Room Reverb (R) features a Distortion Control inspired to one of Phil Spector’s sonic experiments, allowing to add distortion to the reverb without affecting the original signal. The Abbey Chamber Verb (C) is a popular Keeley algorithm with a new resonant point at 2 kHz. And lastly, the Hall Reverb (H) creates super long, ambient sounds with a very faint hint of shimmer.

Check out the demo video below!