ABS11Long Island based manufacturer Analog Alien has been getting quite some buzz since taking part in our Brooklyn Stompbox Exhibit in 2012, and their booth at NAMM 2014 was constantly filled with bass players checking out their new pedal, the Alien Bass Station. This bright green stompbox packs three essential bass effects into one box: compression/limiting, amp simulation, and fuzz.

The pedal offers deep sound shaping capability with the compressor/limiter, and even more tonal control with the amp generator, “…which has characteristics of a tube bass amp, similar to a classic Ampeg B-15.” Most useful of all, the Analog Alien signature gamma fuzz accentuates low frequencies rather than just boosting mids or highs, therefore keeping the instrument’s tone balanced and present.

The ABS has massive capability (the Analog Alien website even encourages guitar players to try it out) so regardless of what type of sound you’re going for, you’ll surely be able to take something away from it. – Eric Werner