The Marshall Plexi is one of the most iconic amps of all time, and it has been used on countless classic recordings. Many pedal makers have tried to cram this beloved amplifier design into a stompbox to varying results.

One of the more complete “amp-in-a-box” takes on the Plexi comes from another well-respected amp manufacturer: Bogner. Their stompbox La Grange offers pretty much all of the tonal features of a Plexi with none of the inconvenience of humping a half stack to every show.

All eras of Plexi goodness can be had from tweaking this pedal’s knobs, and there’s even an independent boost function to kick it up a notch for lead work. Perhaps one of the coolest features is a ‘Channel Blend’ control that makes for some unique hybrid overdrive tones.

Furthermore, the La Grange internally boosts the 9v input voltage to provide an even more realistic amp-like feel. There are some killer features packed into this unit. For possibly the first time, the term “amp-in-a-box” might be 100% accurate. – Stoner