A lot of overdrive pedals are really great at singing lead sounds, but fall flat when used on a rhythm guitar part. The Mosfet Drive from Miami based Baldera Effects sounds right at home in either scenario. Whether used on lead or rhythm parts, players of all genres can find a utility for this FET-based overdrive.

A wide, dynamic and articulate response is the name of the game here. Sporting a familiar 3 knob control scheme with ‘Gain’, ‘Level’, and ‘Tone’ knobs, this stompbox allows you to dial in a sound to match any rig. The Mosfet Drive also boasts an active EQ toggle switch with up to 10dB of boost or cut.

With about 30dB total gain on tap, this pedal can certainly handle a wide variety of styles. The extra EQ options open this up even more. Whether used as a standalone overdrive or pushing the front end of an amp, the Mosfet Drive deserves a try. Check out the other pedals from the Baldera line here. – Stoner