API Tranzformer GT

API is one of the most legendary names in the “tone shaping realm,” but not necessarily linked to guitar pedals… until now!

At NAMM 2017 the high end console and pro audio manufacturer introduced a new product called Tranzformer GT that can give you the warmth and presence of the API channel strips in a clean, stompbox format, perfectly suited for live and recording applications alike.

Equipped with balanced and unbalanced outputs, this unit includes a compressor (borrowed from their 525 feedback-style circuit) and an inductor based 3 band EQ (styled after the legendary – and out of production – API 553 program equalizer). The effects are transparent and as sweet sounding as you may expect, and are triggered by separate footswitches, so you can use them whenever and wherever you want. On top of that, a separate gain control can act as a clean boost, which is always useful.

Oh and if you are a four string player, don’t fret: check out the Tranzformer LX – it’s optimized for bass!

While resting at a high price point (just under $500 as we write), this pedal is essentially a studio quality channel strip in a box with easy I/O: little fuss, and a LOT of tone. Polarity switches, a ground lift, and clipping LED round out the feature set in an impressive display for API’s first foray into the guitar pedal universe. – Stoner