For anyone out there looking to get intensely specific into fuzz needs, take note of Deep Trip pedals. Deep Trip is a Brazilian manufacturer out of Sao Paolo that specializes in nuanced fuzz pedals based on tireless research of classic analog circuits, and thoroughly dedicated to troubleshooting out all the nuisances of vintage boxes like noise, instability and power supply inconsistencies. All units are overseen, fine-tuned and signed by the lead designer Du Menegozzo. Currently, Deep Trip has five pedals on the market as well as four in development.

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The Hellbender Fuzz has garnered the most attention thus far earning both a Guitar Player Editor’s Pick and a Tone Report Top Tone award. The Hellbender is based on the classic Sola Sound Tone Bender MKII which dates back to 1965, but it brings new features like improved sustain, higher gain and adaptability to a variety of styles. With the fuzz knob rolled back, it makes for a great pure distortion pedal, while with the fuzz cranked up, you get a great pure tone bender type fuzz. Among the most distinctive features are separate knobs for highs and lows, which allow the pedal to range from a squealing pinch to deep savage metal sounds. Let’s also just highlight that the “lows” can get “atom-bomb-vibrations” type of lows. Finally, the Hellbender has an extremely cool see-through LED light on the front of the box emulates the look of flames when active.

Another one of the signature Deep Trip fuzz boxes is the BOG, which stands for Band of Gypsys, so you know what to expect from this one. This is a pure vintage late period Jimi Hendrix fuzz that pays homage to Jimi’s effects guru Roger Mayer. From a knobs and controls perspective, all Deep Trip fuzz boxes have the same basic tweakability (Volume, Bias, Fuzz, Highs, and Lows), so the primary difference from the Hellbender is that the BOG emulates the round vintage Fuzz Face that Jimi played; however, it includes all the Deep Trip mods to make it compatible with any wahs, buffers, and amps. They also added a “hi fi” approach to the circuit that helps bring out the low end.

Overall, Deep Trip comes across as a pedal boutique with industrious research habits and a passion for fuzz. With prices typically running $199 for their durable, carefully crafted boxes, we expect big things from these guys and look forward to seeing what new innovations come next. – Ryan Dembinski