Fender Hammertone Reverb

The Fender Hammertone Reverb is a part of the new affordable line of pedals released by the electric guitar company in early 2022.

The US company put out some interesting, more involved reverb pedals in the last few years but we don’t know if this $99 pedal inherits anything from those circuits.

This line is a lot more affordable than those pedals and that is apparent from the streamlined controls and basic look, with knobs for Level, Time, and Damp, which rolls off the high end of the reflections for a warmer sound.

A 3-way toggle lets you select between Hall, Room and Plate mode, while the Tone toggle dampens high frequencies, allowing the reverb to sit more naturally in a mix.

Have a listen to how it sounds in this short video, we added it to our article about the best multi-mode reverb pedals.

Fender Hammertone Reverb, Builder’s Notes

The Hammertone™ Reverb delivers three classic reverb effects – Hall, Room and Plate – in a compact stomp that will integrate seamlessly into your rig. Powerful damping control and tone switch offer supreme flexibility, while the Fender-designed on-board reverb tones are perfect for subtle to extreme ambience.

• Fender®-designed Reverb Effect
• Type & Tone Switches
• Top Mount Input/Output Jacks
• True-Bypass Switching
• Powered by 9-Volt Center Negative AC Adaptor, Not Included

Designed by our in-house experts, the Hammertone™ Reverb delivers gorgeous ambience and echo, with three reverb modes and powerful controls.

Hall, Room and Plate round out this trio of classic reverb sounds. Available at the flick of a switch, they each offer a distinct sound for a wide variety of uses.

The tone switch dampens high frequencies and allows the reverb to sit more naturally in a mix. Meanwhile, the damp control rolls off highs more gradually, eventually clamping down on the reverb tails.

Paying homage to Fender’s historic custom colors, these “F” logo knobs are easy to read, easy to grip and stand out on stage.

The rugged aluminum enclosure and metal hardware deliver road-worthy reliability. True bypass switching ensure easy setup and pure tone.

Top-mounted input and output jacks allow more pedals to be used on the same board, as well as increasing pedal routing options.