Foxgear Plex 55 Preamp

Just like its twin sister Tweed 55, the Foxgear Plex 55 is not a regular overdrive simulating a Plexi amp, but an actual miniature, 55w power amp + preamp in pedal format that mimics the behavior and harmonic content of the classic Marshall amps. This means that you can (and should!) plug it directly into a speaker – and definitely not place any pedals in the chain after it.

The Tweed 55 has a finely tuned 3-band EQ section and two gain knobs (Gain and Master) that allow a wide range of harmonically rich tones from clean to overdriven with plenty of headroom. Placing your favorite dirt box before it will open up your palette of sound even further.

Hear how it sounds in the video below.

The Plex 55 offers an abundance of crystal clean tones with plenty of headroom, place your favorite OD/Distortion in front and the tone is unbelievable.

Lightning fast response and harmonically rich, you will forget you’re not playing through a tube amplifier. The Plex 55 are the perfect backup amp.

Power in: 24VDC 4A (positive TIP)

Power Out: 55W RMS @40hm max 3%THD