Aclam The Mocker

The Aclam The Mocker is a fuzz that continues the Spanish builder’s tradition of releasing pedals inspired by classic tones found in specific records or generated by ultra-rare vintage amps used by legendary artists.

In this case, the source of inspiration was the ultra-rare Vox UL730, a guitar amp whose response and circuit the company had already thoroughly analyzed during the development of their Dr. Robert Overdrive.

But while that pedal is a recreation of the “regular” clean to saturated tones of that amp, The Mocker is voiced after the more raw sound it delivered when its built-in distortion circuit was activated: something much closer to a fuzz than anything else. Or at least, that’s how their unit, S/N 3042, sounded like.

Utilizing the same New Old Stock OA200 diodes found in the Vox UL series, The Mocker is a faithful replica of that internal fuzz circuit, and was in part voiced after the fuzz sound heard on some lead tones in The Beatles’ Sgt. Pepper album.

The result is a ’60s-inspired fuzz enclosed in a Hammerite finish reminiscent of the fuzz boxes of that decade, and featuring Bias and Tone controls that can take it from vintage to modern.

Have a listen to it in the videos below.