Effects Bay yesterday published a piece about a new, New Zealand based pedal company called Dogmatek, and we have to say that their first product, called the Arctic Wolf Twin Modulator, looks very sexy indeed. Oh and, yeah it sounds great too, at least from the only video available of it!

The stereo pedal excels at creating “classic phasing sounds that swirl lusciously around” in three different LFO wave-flavors, but can also act as a tremolo, ring mod and boost (up to 18db). Although the signal flows through it in analog, the effect’s settings are controlled digitally, which allows the storage of presets, and Tap Tempo functionality.

Peculiar and useful functions are the ‘UPPER’ and ‘LOWER’ controls, which allow to precisely select the phasing’s top and bottom ranges, while the manufacturer claims absolute originality in the stereo character of the phaser:

when hooked up in stereo […] the pharer swirls to the left, then… pause[s]… before building wildly across to the right. You won’t get this feature anywhere else.

Other intriguing functions:

  • CV in and Out – connect other pedals to sync rate, make the Dogmatek pedal the alpha, or hook up our RED FOX
  • Largest single speed range available, from slow ‘classic’ modulation to ring modulation-like intensity.
  • Expression connect – let your foot do the phasing, hook up an EXP pedal to control  RATE.
  • Up to 18dB of gain! Let your amp feel the bite of the Arctic Wolf.

From Dogmatek’s product web page it looks like they have two new products coming up (the “The Red Fox envelope generator” sounds particularly intriguing), so, if you like what you hear from the Artic Wolf, you may want to stay tuned.