peace drive

We run a feature on Cast Engineering a few months ago, so we are happy to see that their Mike Zito Peace Drive has been picked up by the crew at ProGuitarShop, check out their brand new video at the bottom here.

A few notes about the pedal directly from the company’s owner Steve Evans:

“This has been a very fun project working with Mike Zito. Mike had a very refined tone in his head that he wanted in this pedal and we nailed it per Mike. He also wanted a specific voicing in the Boost which has been achieved. The last thing we did was to add the order switching using a specific switch and switching circuit that we developed. The light on the switch corresponds with the part of the pedal that is first in the chain…red switch light matches red drive lights which means the drive is in the front of the Boost and vice versa. The boost can also be used as a standalone Boost. As with all our circuits there are an amazing number of great tones in the pedal that can be found by simply turning a few knobs and yes it’s true bypass.” – Steve Evans