Jackson Audio Hourglass
The Jackson Audio Hourglass pedal is a dual compressor pedal that offers two independent analog circuits, each with a identical OTA style compressors. The pedal allows users to switch between or combine the two circuits, and adjust various parameters independently.

The pedal has three knobs for each circuit: Comp, Blend, and Volume. Comp controls the amount of compression, Blend mixes the dry and wet signals, and Volume sets the output level. The pedal also has two switches for each circuit: Attack and Treble. Attack selects the speed of the compression response, allowing control over the amount of transient passing through.  Treble adjusts the brightness of the tone.

The Jackson Audio Hourglass pedal is a versatile and creative tool that can produce a wide range of sounds, from subtle and natural compression to soaring sustain. The pedal is designed for guitarists who want to explore the possibilities of dual compression, and who appreciate the character of analog circuitry. Two colors are available, Desert Sand, and Timeless Grey.