Westminster Piper Drive

The Westminster Piper Drive V3 is a high-gain pedal inspired by the Fulltone OCD but optimized for metallic musical genres.

The simple control layout allows to dial in tones ranging from open and transparent to fully distorted with a mid-push. A two-voice toggle switch delivers two different tone flavors, one more compressed and saturated, the other more open and dynamic.

Here are the videos of the Piper Drive V3.

Westminster Piper Drive V3, Builder’s Notes

When you find yourself Desiring Tone and may even be Obsessive or Compulsive about your Drives, don’t waste your pedalboard space. Get yourself a Piper Drive V3, which goes all the way from open, transparent tones to gainy, mid-forward distortion. It stacks beautifully, and it pushes high gain amps into chuggy bliss. It’s truly our most versatile overdrive. Also includes soft touch bypass switching.

Power requirements: 9V DC center negative, 54mA
Measurements: 4.4? x 2.3? x 1?