Seymour Duncan Dark Sun

Seymour Duncan’s new spatial workhorse, the Dark Sun, is full of options for people that don’t necessarily need two different pedals for delay and reverb. The Dark Sun delivers the very best of both effects for a hyper-inspirational box that pushes the boundaries of each.

The Dark Sun’s cool new routing switch lets you route the two effects in four different configurations, giving you some truly awe-inspiring combinations of time and space. A switch that doubles as a tap and preset function puts the secondary right at your feet so you don’t have to coddle the Dark Sun to get the most from it.

Take a look at the demo Mark Holcomb of Periphery did at our NAMM 2019 Stompbox booth (bottom video) and check out the other videos below for a deep dive into this expressive effect. – Nicholas Kula

We added the of the Seymour Duncan Dark Sun to our list of the Best Reverb + Delay pedal combos.