MOD Duo X 05 purple Smaller

Germany’s MOD Devices bring us the Duo X, an intensely customizable effects unit that puts the controls at your fingertips rather than your feet. This unit is indispensable for the studio, tabletop musician or DJ.

A near-infinite amount of effects reside within the Duo X, with almost as many routing options and configurations as effects. A variety of analog and digital outs ensures the utmost of connectivity to any interface, DAW, mixer or MIDI setup you could imagine.

The Duo X gives you a brand-new slick central nervous system for your entire rig, just unlock your imagination. Scope out or video below or stop by the NAMM booth to take it for a spin. – Nicholas Kula

Extra Power

The MOD Duo X is a standalone audio processor that contains an infinite array of effects, virtual instruments and MIDI utilities. Tailor-made to meet the needs of studio work, electronic music production/performance and DJing, it has a buffed up processor and audio circuit inside a monolithic aluminium enclosure.

Extra Controls

Attain maximum controllability thanks to its ten fully-assignable knobs, six push buttons with instant setting recall and alternation capabilities, a pagination system and commutable Control Voltage input and output to integrate it with a modular Eurorack setup.

Extra Features

Multiple analog and digital outputs allow two complete independent effect chains in one single device as well as numerous MIDI controllers operating at the same time (with MIDI Slave Sync and Stereo Link). It hosts the already well-known and fully-flexible MOD digital interface and comes packed with hundreds of free plugins and presets.