TC Electronic Vibraclone

The TC Electronic Vibraclone is an “old school” Rotary Vibe belonging to the Danish manufacturer series of more affordable pedals. Let’s see how it sounds in this video by GearManDude.

The old rotating speaker designs were designed for organ players and was powered by an internal tube amp.

When guitar player’s started using them, they quickly found that if they turned up the tube amp, it produced a sweet, dynamic overdrive tone, known from myriad classic rock recordings. The Vibraclone features a Drive knob, giving you that same rich, organic tube amp sustain combined with the lush swirl of a rotating speaker.

Vibraclone features both the slow, sultry Chorale setting and the fast, almost watery sounding Tremolo setting made famous by the original design.

As you turn the Speed knob there is a delayed response from the pedal simulating the acceleration or deceleration of the speaker cone in the old models. – More info here.