Mad Professor Kosmos

The Kosmos is Mad Professor’s new reverb pedal, offering a wide variety of ambient settings in a small and versatile stompbox.

With just one footswitch you can, of course, turn the pedal on and off, but also hold the switch for freeze function ambient effect or make beautiful swell effects without the need of a volume pedal.

It offers 11 ambient tones that are carefully designed and further adjustable through the Tone, Time and Control knobs. The latter has a different function on different presets, widening the sonic possibilities offered by this simple compact effect.

Presets include shimmer, swells and two modes where a delay can be placed after the reverb.

Here are a few videos of it:

This is the video we shot in our NAMM 2018 Stompbox Boooth.

You can see all the new pedals introduced at Winter NAMM 2018 right here.