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One of the greatest challenges facing musicians recording in project studios is capturing great drum sounds. And while drum machines have come a long way since their early ‘80s Roland and Linn beginnings, the last several years have seen the release of very impressive virtual drummer products for computer-based studios. Never before has it been so easy to create professional sounding, studio-quality drum tracks without a live drummer, and in many cases, you don’t even need to know anything about programming drum patterns!

XLN Audio’s Addictive Drums is one of the impressive virtual drummer plug-ins we’re talking about. With a relatively small hard drive footprint and compatibility with multiple popular recording platforms, Addictive Drums delivers great sounding drums, all with easily editable characteristics and effects. Version 1.5.1 introduces a number of new features, including direct compatibility with electronic drum kits, general MIDI compatibility, and highly editable sounds. Further, the introduction of MIDIpaks and ADPaks allows the user to not only add more patterns, but also entirely new sampled drum kits as well. – Read Music Players’ full review here.