MTMVPlus large1

Morley Pedals has been building quality effects for over half a century, becoming an industry standard in the niche of treadle-style stompboxes like wah-wahs and volume pedals. The board-friendly Mini Volume Plus is a shrunken version of the regular Volume Plus, and features the same active, Electro-Optical circuitry and audio taper, generating a smooth, studio quiet volume control.

Unlike a linear volume circuit, the audio taper generates a more gradual volume sweep in the heel position that becomes exponentially greater the closer to the tip you move the treadle – think straight diagonal line vs. parabolic curve. The sweep’s settings are adjustable by carefully tweaking the inside LED components. This is a kind of sweep that works better for violin swells and pedal steel effects.

Another useful feature is that a minimum volume can be setup and turned on/off through the footswitch on the right.

Check out Chords Of Orion’s video of the Morley Mini Volume Plus