Mission Engineering Velocity Overdrive

Built on the Nutube technology unveiled by KORG in 2015, the Mission Engineering/NuAudioTechnology Velocity Overdrive is an overdrive and distortion pedal featuring two gain settings, accessible through a toggle switch.

The LO mode delivers subtle overdrive and can be used to push your amp for a natural breakup and delivers a more driven sound at a higher gain level without losing dynamics.

The HI mode is obviously heavier with a clear tube character and at high-gain it’s ideal for lead tones.

A three-band EQ section helps to shape the tone according to your needs.

There’s also a bass version of this pedal, called “Momentum.”

Here’s the first video of the Mission Engineering Velocity Overdrive.

Velocity is a dual gain level overdrive and distortion pedal for guitar.

The LO gain setting is perfect for subtle overdrive and pushing the front end of an amp slightly harder. It works well as a boost for low output single coil pickups to get the amp and speaker into breakup. Higher drive levels add more distortion while retaining excellent touch sensitivity.

The HI gain setting introduces more distortion from the pedal starting with some good tube crunch heading to a full lead tone via the drive knob. The output control can be used to balance the output level with the rest of the signal chain. The remaining three knobs control bass, middle and treble EQ for a wide range of different tones.

With similar functions to the guitar version, the Momentum bass pedal is optimized for the lower registers of electric bass. The HI/LO gain setting is exchanged for a blend control that dials in a mix of dry and distorted signal to maintain clarity while adding as much grit as desired with the drive knob.

Both pedals work equally well with a conventional guitar amp and pedals as well as on the front end of digital amp modelers, cabinet simulators and IR’s.