MAS Effects Mimir's Well

“Many of your favorite pedals have nearly identical circuitry, with the only important difference being the patches running on their FV-1 audio DSPs (digital signal processors). […] This creates a neat little niche in the market for something like this.”

This premise, found on the MAS Effects Mimir’s Well‘s presentation page, is this device’s mission statement: giving players a pedal that can do, by itself, what a bunch of other DSP-based pedals out there can do, by simply changing its patches in between songs or parts.

Mimir’s Well memory can hold up to 23 patches, and at the moment there are more than 160 patches to pick from, designed by both audio pros and members of the DIY community.

Creative and flexible, this pedal might come in handy for the guitarists who just can’t stop exploring.

Mimir’s Well is a very limited batch of expertly handcrafted guitar pedals powered by the extremely popular FV-1 DSP (digital signal processor). It allows you to run audio processing patches that create amazing reverb, delay, pitch, and other effects.

NOT a Cheap Multi-FX

This is the same chip that powers pedals such as the EQD Rainbow Machine and Dispatch Master, Subdecay Super Spring Theory, EHX Holy Stain, Catalinbread Topanga, Walrus Arp 87 and Fathom, Black Hole Symmetry, Fuchs Plush Good Verbrations, and tons more. Just like those, it uses all of its hardware to run a single patch at a time. Unlike those, however, it also holds 23 patches you can switch between.

Make It Yours

You customize your pedal by choosing from 163+ available patches designed by professional audio engineers and amazing members of the DIY pedal community.

Who’s This For?

You will be delighted with this pedal if you want…

  • …to easily (and cheaply!) find one or two new pedals you’ll really, really love
    • Most of us don’t actually need the dozens of new pedals (patches) you can get with Mimir’s Well, but it lets you avoid months of buying (then going through the hassle of selling) dozens of single-patch pedals in search for that perfect sound
  • …to try every nuanced variation of a specific effect type, and dial in to perfection
    • Find a perfect tape echo: Single or dual head? Or triple tap? With or without ping pong?
  • …to endlessly experiment with dozens of different effects
    • Audition as many as you want for $1/patch
  • …to learn to write your own DSP programs