malekko springchicken moleside1

Many forget that Malekko (run by  guitarist Paul Barker from the legendary ’90s industrial band Ministry) was one of the first manufacturers to venture in the market of mini-pedals (which are all the rage these days) and that their tiny “Spring” pedal was one of the first (if not THE first) successful attempt to put a reverb inside an enclosure that’s half the size of your regular stompbox.

The experience of working on that pedal’s miniature circuit, and on the rest of the Omicron series, surely came handy to the Malekko engineers when they developed the Spring Chicken, a pedal that claims to “cram a giant spring reverb in a little tiny enclosure”.

Controls are minimal: “CLUCK” is the wet/dry reverb mix amount, and “DWELL” is the reverb feedback amount; it features true bypass and expression pedal capability for reverb amount control.

Check out the demo below, directly from the Malekko underground cave, and come and try this effect in person at the Brooklyn Stompbox Exhibit!