MAK CST Chocoslayc

Here’s an obscure pedal demoed by Dennis Kayzer, a stompbox by MAK Crazy Sound Technology designed by metal guitarist Chocoslayc.

The device is designed primarily for tapping, but also compatible with other guitar techniques. The pedal control unit consists of four adjustment knobs and a three-position effect switch.

Prometheus mode helps you to go into deep space. A combination of extraterrestrial effects and a rich reverb will blow ambient amateurs away. It’s adjustable with speed, depth and reverb knobs Chocoshim will turn the notes you play into a real meteor shower that fits in chords as well as in various types of picking and tunes. Similarly to Prometheus it’s adjustable with speed, depth and reverb knobs.

In this pedal Octaver is enriched by various harmonics and overtones, which give the signal a fuller sound and additional quality tone. The mode basically has no response delay, so it can easily be used in fast rhythmic patterns. The levels of low and high octaves as well as clear signal are regulated with “oct up”, “oct down” and “direct” knobs.

The Level knob allows you to adjust the volume of pre-tuned effect according to the main signal level. The pedal is equipped with a true bypass switch and it doesn’t add any distortion while turned off. Also there is a clipping indicator and a plug for a battery of the “crown” type. It’s powered by a DC adapter 9V 70mA (Minus in the center)