lunastoneOur dude Eric Merrow just posted this video of the Lunastone True Overdrive 1, check it out!

And here’s the video by Living Room Demos.

Guitar: Gibson CS R4 Les Paul
Amp: Tone King 20th Anniversary Imperial
Cables: Toaster Cables –
Patch cables: Mulder Audio –

A drive that you can ride steplessly with the volume knob on your guitar, going from sweet crunch to screaming mayhem without the obvious ‘change of mode’ that typically jumps in at a certain point.

Based on our cascaded gain stage approach, TrueOverDrive 1 does exactly that and even gives you the smallest footprint yet in a LunaStone overdrive pedal.

Full-On Overdrive

TOD 1 builds on the backbone of our most popular drive, Big Fella, and is the sharp-edged knife that, combined with a warm potent body and sparkly overtones, makes you stand out with any band on any stage.

You simply get the amazing Big Fella tone, but without a built-in booster. Instead you get a significantly smaller footprint and a beautiful Scandinavian design that just oozes stylish minimalism – one that also serves a particular purpose…

Foot-On Overdrive

The knobs are not only placed diagonally because it looks killer, it is also because we know that sometimes a quick tweak is needed mid-song.

With the Volume and Drive knobs accessible by the edges, you can tweak them on the fly with your foot. No more kneeling down, letting go of the strings, abandoning the groove and loosing the momentum.