RJ Ronquillo test drove the LPD (Lawrence Petross Design) Javelina Overdrive Boost, which features 26dB of boost and a little roll off on the low frequencies to keep things nice and tight. Check out the video below.

The Javelina boost is a single control boost.
There is a light overdrive and compression to this circuit.

It features a low frequency rolloff to keep boosted overdriven amps and pedals tight and punchy allowing for much higher gain without flubby bass.

The Javelina has 26dB of boost available to drive edge of breakup amps or other drive type pedals into sweet signing sustain.

Drop it in front of higher gain amps and pedals to tighten up the bass response with or without boosting the signal.

It’s a great circuit to put in front of your vintage amplifier to get a more
breakup out of it. Great for soloing or making up for low level vintage

Adds a wonderful Texas style grit and girth to single coils.
Size – L 3.625″ x W 1.5″ x H 2″

Solid artisan hand built construction, right here in Arizona USA means attention to detail, high quality and long life.