We just caught this video below legendary GermanDude, and we couldn’t help but being intrigued by the word “sidecar” – to date, without any doubt the coolest vehicle invented by humanity.

In this circumstance, the sidecar concept is applied – as you might have guessed – to a guitar pedal: the (hand made) LB II by Buffalo’s Lighting Boy Audio. “Sidecar” is actually a very appropriate name for the device in question, since it sits next to the main (sonic) engine, follows it on its (sonic) trips, but also assists it by providing “tweakability” – in our metaphor, a little like when the sidecar rider gives directions to the driver.

The coolest feature of the Sidecar Module, though, is that it also expands the LBII, by adding two channels of gain and treble control to a stompbox that otherwise is just either on or off.

However, the sidecar is not the only thing that makes the LB II special. Tube aficionados will be happy to know that the LB II sports a real 12AX7 inside it – when it’s on, you can see its orange glow through a nifty hole on the side of the stompbox. The manufacturer also gives you the option of installing an upgraded tube (NOS 12AX7 made in the US) for an extra $30 – otherwise you get the extremely unpatriotic (and not as good) stock J/J 12ZX7, which is made in Russia with (not as much) love.

But we aren’t done just yet. To drive that high voltage device, a powerful adapter is required, which is sold separately but is needed for the effect to function. The sidecar is actually optional, and costs an extra $109, while the main pedal with the adapter sells for $257.99-287.99 (depending on what tube you want).

But how does this thing sound – you ask? That’s when demo vieos come in handy, check them all out below!