There’s a new line of mini-pedals out there called LandLord FX, and The Andertones have taken note by posting this brief videos of their Brewers Droop chorus, a classic analog bucket-brigade chorus with variable speed and depth.

The Landlord FX Brewer’s Droop enhances your modulation performance with a fantastic analog, bucket-brigade (BBD) circuit. No longer will your guitar signal sound weak and tepid! Dial in a lush and warm Chorus sound to bring life to your flat guitar sound.

The Brewer’s Droop has a strong metal chassis, a true-bypass footswitch and three simple control knobs. What else do you need to give your tone a lift? LEVEL will add increasing amounts of Chorus to your signal. DEPTH deepens the experience by adding girth and width to the modulation. SPEED lets you take it fast or slow, depending on the experience you’re after. Thick, satisfying chorus sounds are now yours for the taking! The bucket brigade technology effectively adds a natural low pass filter-effect to your tone for a particularly vintage experience.