Krozz Devices Krakenheart

The Krozz Devices Krakenheart is a modern take on the vibe circuit by a Brazilian company that already received a lot of praise for another analog modulation pedal, their Airborn flanger.

The control set immediately conveys the idea of a circuit that goes beyond traditional Uni-Vibe tones. Besides the expected Pulse (speed), Depth, and Level knob, we find a Shadow control (which changes the center point of the oscillation and, in conjunction with the Depth knob, also the symmetry of the wave) and a Spectrum one (which affects the effects voice giving it more or less emphasis on the mids.

Ramp footswitch increases the LFO’s speed to its maximum while held, and can be tweaked via an internal Ramp trim pot. Another internal trim pot called Low allows you to adjust the low end of its pulse.

Hear how the Krakenheart sounds in the video below. We added the Krakenheart to our comprehensive article about the best Uni-Vibe pedals.