Dogman Devices Go Fly A Kite Delay

Dogman Devices is the pedal project of Ohio’s post-rock guitarist Lance Giles, and the Go Fly A Kite is his company’s take on the 3-knob “analog-voiced” delay – which means that it’s actually digital, but made to sound analog.

The circuit of this pedal is taken from the delay section of the company’s Air pedal, which blends an echo with a fuzz, but has two length modes (short goes from 60ms to 600ms and long from 615ms to 1200ms) and a brighter delay line. It also adds a loop FX loop.

Here’s a cool video of it!

Dogman Devices Go Fly A Kite Delay, Builder’s Notes

Analog voiced delay

toggle between short (60ms ~ 600ms) and long (615ms ~ 1200ms) delay times

insert an effect into the delay line for even more sonic experimentation

I’ve received a lot of requests for Air without the fuzz, and while there are some notable differences*, that was what sparked this idea (along with a conversation on a podcast about delay pedals with effects/feedback loops).

The artwork is a print adapted from a hand-stippled drawing of mine – the original drawing is all dots.

*Go Fly a Kite compared to Air: brighter delay line, GFAK has it’s own tone shaping geared towards cleaner tones while Air is fairly transparent, GFAK requires outside pedals to get into oscillation, is not hand-engraved, and has two different overall delay lengths available.