Meris Ottobit

The Meris Ottobit Jr. is presented as ‘a maniacal little machine, inspired by vintage gaming consoles’ – or, if you wish, an 8-bit pedals on steroids: a stereo “Audio In >> Video Game Out” device that lets guitarists employ synthesis techniques and bitcrushing to create new audio textures.

Sample-rate and bit-reduction circuits are combined with tap tempo, LFOs, envelopes, a filter and both amplitude (AM) and frequency modulation (FM). It also features a sequencer and CV in.

This baby has a lot of options on its front panel to mess with, so much so that it almost feels like a mini synths rather than a stompbox. We added it to our comprehensive articles about the best Glitch and Granular pedals and the best Bitcrusher effects.

You can find more details about the many features here, but if you want to hear how it sounds, just hit play on the videos below.