Keeley Muse Driver

The Keeley Muse Driver is an overdrive pedal that furthers the builder’s collaboration with guitarist Andy Timmons, already involved in the design of the Halo delay and the Super AT Mod overdrive. The Muse Driver merges a three-control blues driver circuit with two switches for the voicing Drive and Tone characteristics, providing players with an expansive palette of drive tones.

The Drive toggle, when engaged, incorporates two germanium diodes, delivering a smoother, slightly compressed drive. Switching to Andy’s clipping style enhances brightness and articulation in the attack. Meticulously optimized for tone and the rigorous demands of a recording and touring artist like Andy Timmons, adding the Muse Driver to your pedalboard can significantly enhance your rig’s sound. This professional-sounding overdrive seamlessly transitions between true-bypass and buffered bypass at any moment.

Key Features:

  • Classic blues driver circuit with decades of Keeley mod experience.
  • Germanium-based overdrive crafted under Andy Timmons’ guidance.
  • AT/RK Tone Switch for cutting lows for clarity or boosting low-end for power.
  • AT/RK Drive Switch alternates between asymmetrical silicon to dual germanium diodes.
  • Buffered Bypass or True Bypass – Instantly switch based on your rig’s needs.
  • JFET Transistors, Germanium Diodes, and Op-Amp Gain for harmonically rich overdrive.
  • 9 to 18 Volt operation for a vast dynamic range and headroom.

Tone Control Options:

  • AT Position: Andy’s preferred voicing with clear and articulate low-end response.
  • RK Position: Legendary Phat Boost in the low-end frequency response, ideal for vintage or single-coil pickups.

Full Range Overdrive – Germanium Toggle Switch:

  • Drive Switch UP (AT Clipping): Asymmetrical LED diode clipping for Andy’s Super AT Mod sound.
  • Drive Switch Down (RK Clipping): Two germanium diodes for clipping, producing a vintage fuzz pedal feel with a softer, smoother touch.

Both Buffered Bypass & True Bypass:

  • The Muse Driver features a precise buffer for noise-free switching, allowing you to seamlessly switch between true-bypass and buffered bypass on the fly. Press and hold the foot switch for two seconds to make the switch, tailoring the pedal to your rig’s specific requirements.

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