JHS 3 Series Hall Reverb

The more creative among the three, 3 Series pedals released in November 2021 by JHS Pedals, the Hall Reverb is an affordable and simple take on the ambient, modulated reverb that’s become a growing niche in the stompbox realm.

The amount and size of the reverb can be controlled through the Verb and Decay knobs, while the effect can be darkened via theĀ Dampen one. The modulation can be turned on and off through a toggle switch.

Here are the videos of the JHS Hall Reverb, including the one by Josh Scott himself (bottom video). We added this pedal to our article about the best modulated reverb pedals.

The 3-Series Hall Reverb is inspired by the sounds of large reverberated spaces, cathedrals and halls where the decay of natural reverb seemingly goes on forever. This pedal is perfect for players who are searching for massive, infinite and even otherworldly reverb. The JHS Pedals 3 Series Hall Reverb runs on 9V DC Negative Center power and consumes 70mA.