Fuzz, as an effect, seems to inspire pretty gruesome names, and fuzz lovers, who play musical genres that tend to sublimate violence through heavy hitting music, love that.

On the heel of names like Death by Audio and Fuzzrocious, New Hampshire based boutique manufacturer Jellifish Electronics – which offers religiously gain related, original designs – chose to give their latest fuzz pedal the moniker “Murder by Fuzz.”

The pedal, which is appropriately splattered with the designer’s own, limited blood (joke!), has apparently earned this title:

Premeditated and cold-blooded, the Murder by Fuzz will make your heart stop with its gobs of rich silky fuzz.


It sounds like a beautiful death we are all dreaming of!

With its Muff derived design based on two different, selectable, MOSFET transistors, the pedal is presented as a much more open and less compressed relative of the Muff, improved in flexibility also with a three knob EQ section.

The selectable modes provide either full thick bottom end or rich focused midrange.

Check out the video below to hear it, and don’t forget to book your own funeral!