Italian based pedal manufacturer Baroni Lab  offers an array of quality, hand-built stompboxes (they also manufacture amps).  Their pedal range covers all kinds of ground, including distortions, modulation, time-based effects, and tube preamps. What sets the company’s pedal line apart from the rest is that all their stompboxes run on 12v DC power, as opposed to the standard 9v.

Perhaps the company’s most innovative product line is their tube pre amp pedals. Using the front end of some of the most classic amplifiers of all time as inspiration, the Baroni Lab designers recreated them them in a stompbox format, adding a vacuum tube for extra warmth and authenticity. The power is then stepped up, similarly to what actually happens in a tube amp, which allows for a much more articulate and responsive tone. Though they take a little more juice than standard pedals, it’s more than worth it.

Another interesting quirk is the company’s obsession with Pink Floyd’s ‘Dark Side of the Moon.’ Their distortion Moon Sound is also dubbed as “Pink Floyd in a box,” and the visual clues on “Dave’s Comp” make us think that Dave’s last name might be Gilmour…

Baroni Labs is a company with a rich history of quality design. If you’re the player that’s looking for a little something “extra” in your pedals, check them out.

Check out the videos of some of their pedals, by clicking on the images below. – Stoner