JD Analog Tone of the Gods

Since boost pedals are supposed to do a very simple job, we have grown to assume that they don’t need to be very big. New Zealand builder JD Analog begs to disagree.

With its 4-in-1 concept, their Tone Of the Gods is a four-footswitched, twelve-knobbed beast that aims at being the be-all, end-all boost ever created.

The four circuits you’ll find in this stompbox are the following:

  1. A replica of the Schaffer Preamp (bottom right section) which works as a colored boost to an optical compressor
  2. A high-gain Boost with a three-channel Plexi Style EQ section called HV Boost (top right)
  3. A two gain stages section based on a Timmy overdrive called Grind and also featuring a Bass and Treble knob (left)
  4. Master knob (bottom center)

Each circuit has a dedicated on/off footswitch.

Needless to say, this device opens up a lot of gain and sculpting options, and, from what we hear, also provides quality tone.