Animals Pedal In Oct 3 Foxes Talking of Dreamy Fuzz

Japanese pedal company Animals Pedal has always picked crazy names for their devices, but the one they chose for their “In Oct,3 Foxes Talking of Dreamy Fuzz” is on a whole other level of crazy.

This is an octave-up pedal referencing the vintage devices of the ’70s (in all likelihood, considering the name, a Foxx Tone Machine), but with more flexibility, thanks to the Oct toggle switch that lets you turn off the octave, and to an articulate interaction with the guitar’s volume that allows for a wide palette of tones.

The three knobs for Level, Sustain and Tone open up several fuzzy sonic possibilities. Hear them in the video below.

A reed like a scream, a roaring sound mixed with sounds. Octave fuzz, combined with its glory and difficulty in handling, gives off a solitary presence among the many fuzz pedals. The upper octave fuzz received a lot of attention in the late 1960s. Octave fuzz at that time, which was still under development, became popular due to the existence of legendary guitarists, but octave fuzz itself evolved more in the 1970s. An octave fuzz wearing velvet that represents the 70’s. In Oct,3 Foxes talking of dreamy FUZZ was born from that pedal that keeps the intense and clear sound.