Hungry Robot The Karman Lin
Hungry Robot is a new manufacturer churning out super fun pedals, and The Karman Line is arguably one of the most fun in the line. Check out this video of it by Dennis Kayzer!

From the manufacturer’s site:

The Kármán Line is a modulating joystick delay and oscillation device that features a heavily filtered, lo-fi delay line with vinyl inspired pitch modulation.

The repeats on The Kármán Line are dark and overdriven.  The not-so-subtle grittiness provides the perfect tone for creating a deeply textured, lo-fi wall-of-sound. The Kármán Line was designed for glitchy experimentalists, but can find its place in many musical settings.

The Kármán Line features vinyl-esque pitch modulation centered on an all analog, light-based LFO.  The modulation mimics the sound of slowing down a record player with your finger.  The modulation can go from subtle to extreme, borderline obnoxious (in a good way) pitch bending.

The most intriguing aspect of The Kármán Line is the implementation of a joystick.  The Kármán Line employs a delay chip that creates an audible warp as you manipulate the delay time, controlled by the Y-Axis of the joystick.  The X-Axis controls the rate of modulation. – More info here.