Horizon Devices Flux EchoHorizon Devices, founded by Periphery’s Misha Mansoor, is well known for its devices designed specifically for artists playing Prog Metal, Prog Rock and other similar punchy yet adventurous genres. The Flux Echo is their first foray into non-gain-related effects.

A Stereo delay/reverb with Tap Tempo and Freeze function, the Flux offers an original take to this combo providing three separate modes through its three-way toggle switch called Flux:

  1. Middle Position: Ambient Reverb + Analog Delay
  2. Up Position: Lightly Modulated Reverb + Reverse Delay
  3. Down Position: Shimmer Reverb + Tape Echo

As you can see, the modes offer a wide palette of possibilities for ambient tones with a “less is more” approach: rather than giving the player all the options in the world like other dual-engine multi-mode pedals do, the manufacturer chose and crafted three great-sounding effect combinations tailored for the creative guitarist.

Rabea Massaad and Pete Thorn are really into this pedal, check out his video, below. We added the Horizon Devices Flux Echo to our list of Best Reverb Pedal for Ambient and Shoegazer.

After over 2 years of design, testing, and tweaking we are so excited to finally be able to present our latest inspiration box: The Flux Echo!

It’s the result of years of research & development, our community’s great input and Misha’s extensive delay collection ranging from vintage tape echoes to modern crisp delays…

Mono and Stereo I/O’s: The Flux Echo is designed to work great with most setups including traditional mono rigs as well as stereo rigs with multiple amps/instruments, it even sounds great with synthesizers.

Flux Mode: Variable switch that allows 3 distinct voices: a warm, ambient reverb with clean analog delay repeats, a lightly modulated reverb with a smooth reverse delay, and a shimmer reverb with a tape-style echo.

Tap/Hold switch: Tap to set your delay tempo, hold to freeze both reverb and delay. Once you let go both will decay as set.

Bypass/Delay and Reverb Trails switch: Tap to turn the Flux Echo on or o?.  Hold the bypass switch down while the pedal is on to enable or disable delay/reverb trails.